You Can Make a Difference!

If you enjoy visiting Ohio’s 74 state parks, you now have a new way to become involved and help make the parks a better place. The Ohio State Parks Legacy Foundation has been established as a private, non-profit fund that will accept donations of any size – and all of the money will be used to make improvements in the parks.

The fund is independent of the state park system, is not a government agency and does not receive any government funding. It allows individuals, families, businesses and corporations to make a donation that will be used to help fund park improvements such as playgrounds, nature centers, trails, etc. In fact, you can specify exactly what you would like your donation to be used for and at which park.

Please click on the other pages of this web site to find out more about how to donate, how your money will be spent and invested in Ohio’s award-winning state parks system.

By making a donation to the Ohio State Parks Legacy Foundation, you can truly make a difference!

Mark J. Smith - Executive Director • PO Box 295 - Norwalk, OH 44857 • 419-668-2497 - Email: mark.smith@osplegacy.org

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